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"The Adult Enrichment Center believes that each individual has their own strengths, dreams, gifts 
and desires, and strives to be who they want to be!!" 


Family Relief will start back up in Sept  

Please remember that if your son/daughter is displaying any flu like symptoms, according to our contract and the wellbeing of others at the Center, they need to be symptom free for 24hrs before returning to the Center.

Due to the extreme heat, all outings are being done by 10am or will be cancelled. 

Everyone is responsible to cover the cost of days that are booked. Each client gets 2 sick days a month, as outlined in the contract, any more than 2 days absent per month is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to cover the cost. This applies to ALL clients.

The daily rate covers services provided from 8am to 3:30pm. Any services provided from 3:45pm onward will require extra charges. These will be outlined on your invoices as "extended hours." Extended hours are calculated hourly and half hourly. 

As outlined on the website, posted in May 2016, clients will be charged 0.45 cents per KM for all outings. This is to cover the cost of gas and kilometres. Kilometres are divided evenly among all those that go on an outing. Mileage will be totalled every 3 months as the amounts are generally very small.


Joanne Bouchard

Founding Director

1895 Lasalle Blvd 

705-470-7474   Sudbury

705-470-7475   Sudbury


Sault Ste Marie

For Licensing Opportunities to open an Adult Enrichment Center in your area, please contact Joanne Bouchard directly at the Sudbury main location to learn more about opportunities 


Serving Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie and COMING to Timmins soon

For more information in regards to the Day Program Services please contact 

Joanne or Ashley in Sudbury at 705-470-7474  or 

Sault Ste Marie location at 705-450-7475 

email your questions to

What is the Adult Enrichment Center and Who Are We?

We are a team of professionals who service individuals who:

The Adult Enrichment Center day program is designed to promote developmental skills and independence, as well to meet the variety of interests and passions of all individuals in the program. If you have a developmental disability or physical disability and would like to participate in a community-based day program; would like to continue developing educational skills in a day program that accounts for their needs abilities and most of all their interests, or simply a place to come and socialize, and most of all to be part of a caring, fun and stimulating Day Program the Adult Enrichment is the place!!

We provide Day Program Services to those who have a developmental disability and would like to become more involved within their community, the Adult Enrichment Center can help by providing a service of many sorts such as keeping connected within the community.    The Adult Enrichment Center's Day Program services offer many different types of services based on the clients needs.  We provide one-on-one services, specialized one-on-one, complex care and basic care needs.  The Program is unique and successful at the Adult Enrichment Center because it is"individualized".  

What Do we Offer:

The Adult Enrichment Center is a place where you can come and be part of a safe enjoyable and accepting environment where you can continue to socialize or enhance your social skills have fun with new or existing friendships and most of all be part of a fun and stimulating Day Program to call your own!! 
Our Program is individualized according to needs, abilities and passions of each individual in the program.  It is a uniquely deigned day program that will motivate, nurture and promote growth in each individual.  The Adult Enrichment Center is today's newest life skill program for individuals with exceptionalities.  The program includes life skill truing, enabling individuals to become more independent in their home and community.  We also assist in employment opportunities and proud to share that our participants have obtained work experience, skills and permanent job positions through.  We are very proud of those who have participated in these work incentive programs and are now working independently out in the community!!  We set short term, long term and on going goals!!  and we reach for the *STARS*
Some of the following are what clients may take part in on a daily basis:

  1. Self motivated programs
  2. Academic fundamentals 
  3. Employment Opportunities
  4. Sports and Recreation
  5. Health and Wellness Awareness
  6. Therapeutic Activities
  7. Transitional Period
  8. Community Integration
  9. Life Skills Programs
  10. Behavioural Interventions
  11. Speech therapy Programs

Along with many new and exciting things, our programs grows as the participants needs and abilities continue to grow!!

     Our program is designed to service individuals with all needs, and the main focus of our program is that it is uniquely designed for all levels of needs such as one-on-one, specialized one-on-one, complex care & for higher functioning individuals.  One of the secrets to our success stories is we do not focus on the individuals DISABILITY we work with it!! what we focus more on is their STRENGTHS !!

     The Adult Enrichment Center is very proud to announce the success of the Employment Opportunities to our program. We have worked closely with the local agenices to assist our participants to obtain meaningful employment experiences within our community. With the support that each participants receives our main goal is to have success at the end of the training process.  To be hired by the employer for their skills, dedication, honesty and most of all their hard work!!  We also have participants contributing by volunteering within our community.

     For those who qualify for Passport Funding or are currently receiving the funding the cost of the Day Program /Respite Services that are provided by The Adult Enrichment Center Day Program is covered by the funding.  For those who are currently receiving or waiting for funding from the Passport Program please contact Joanne or Ashley.  It is NOT required to be a recipient of the Passport Funding to become a participant of the Adult Enrichment Center

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For further information about the Adult Enrichment Center, or to inquire about enrolling your son/daughter, please contact Joanne or Ashley at 705-470-7474 or by e-mail at or