Our Staff

     Our assurance to our clients at the Adult Enrichment Center is that our team of certified professionals will provide a positive environment and relationship with the participants. Our dedicated staff with their commitment, compassion, trust and empathy will make every effort to ensure that all of the participants at the Adult Enrichment Center symbolise these characteristics every day, and will provide a safe, fun and productive day, to the best of their ability, with the help of the participants.

Joanne BouchardDirector/Founder 
Social Service Worker - SSW

Graduated with Honours, Graduated on the Dean's Honours Role List

Ashley Roberts - Area Manager
Developmental Services Worker - DSW
Graduated with Honours, ABA Certificate, G-Tube Training

Regan Hawkes                             Developmental Services Worker  

Melanie Gaudet                           Lifeskills Program Coordinator 

Cody Toplak                                 Developmental Service Worker
                                                       Cambrian College 2nd year Student DSW

Lisa Pegoraro                               Developmental Services Worker Program Coordinator

Jeremy Beauvais                         Health and Wellness Activity Coordinator
                                                      Paramedic, Kinesiology  

Jessica Deschamps                     Social Services Worker - SSW

Rebecca Dube                             Lifeskills Program Coordinator
                                                      Adult/Youth Worker, Addictions

Michelle Perreault                      Occupational/Physiotherapy Assistant 

Elissa Punkkinen                         Developmental Services Worker
                                                      Cambrian College 2nd year Honours Student

Jessica Strickland                       Social Services Worker 

Volunteers:                                  Julie Proulx

The Adult Enrichment Center placement students are from local secondary and post secondary institutions.