Adult Enrichment Center Inc.

"The Adult Enrichment Center believes that each individual has their own strengths, dreams, 
gifts and desires, and strives to be who they want to be!" 

Who We Are

     The Adult Enrichment Center is Sudbury, Ontario’s modern life skills center for adults with developmental and physical disabilities.. The foundation of the programming is based on life skills training enabling the members to become as independent as possible (to their abilities), within their settings and within their community. We provide day programming for adults who have graduated from the education system, or who are looking to continue to grow within our life skills program. We offer individuals with physical& developmental disabilities a happy, bright and safe nurturing surrounding where they continue to develop skills  and enjoy a fun-filled day with friends and qualified staff.  If you know of someone who is looking to build and develop social skills, enhancing lifeskills to their ability then the Adult Enrichment Center is the place. Adult Enrichment Center is a individualized program that provides service for all levels of care and it is based on the individuals needs and abilities!!

The Adult Enrichment Center offers 3 unique locations in Sudbury. We also have a Center in Sault Ste. Marie and will be expanding throughout Northern and Southern Ontario over the next few years. Individuals who participate in our programs gain greater independence and quality of life through community-based social, recreational and vocational activities.

What do our programs offer

The Adult Enrichment Center is a place where you can come and be part of a safe enjoyable and accepting environment where you can continue to socialize or enhance your social skills, have fun with new or existing friendships, and most of all be part of a fun and stimulating Day Program to call your own!! 
   Our Program is individualized according to needs, abilities and passions of each individual in the program. It is a uniquely designed day program that will motivate, nurture and promote growth in each individual. The program includes life skill training, enabling individuals to become more independent in their home and community. We also assist in employment opportunities and our proud to share that our participants have obtained work experience, skills and permanent job positions within our community. We are very proud of those who have participated in these work incentive programs and are now working independently out in the community!!  We set short term, long term and on going goals and we reach for the *STARS*

Along with many new and exciting things, our programs grow as the participants needs and abilities continue to grow!!

Our program is designed to service individuals with all needs, and the main focus of our program is that it is uniquely designed for all levels of needs such as one-on-one, specialized one-on-one, complex care & for higher functioning individuals. One of the secrets to our success stories is we do not focus on the individuals DISABILITY we work with it!! What we focus more on is their STRENGTHS !!

Our History

     The Adult Enrichment Center was founded in 2013, in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The program was designed to help young adults who are transiting from the secondary education system into adulthood or for those who are looking to develop, enhance and introduce new skills that are required on a personal level or within their community. Our management and team focus on top quality, qualified staff, excellent supports and community leadership has allowed it to grow into one of Sudbury’s largest day programs. It was the first privately owned and operated day program in Northern Ontario. We specialize in an individualized program for adults with developmental disabilities.

Our programs main focus is to allow clients to learn, develop and enhance life skills in a home setting.

We also promote independence, volunteering and employment opportunities within the community.

Adult Enrichment Center partnered with YMCA Sudbury in January 2017. This allows individuals to participate within a community based program to learn and develop skills that are required in the workplace. It also promotes health and physical fitness.

Within one year, Adult Enrichment Center expanded and opened a second and third location within the greater city of Sudbury. Two years later, Adult Enrichment Center opened its doors in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and is now expanding into other Northern and Southern locations.

In addition to our stand-alone centers, Adult Enrichment Center locations can also be found in YMCA locations. Most standard Adult Enrichment Center locations offer services 6 days a week, providing Family Relief and Respite Care Services to our clients.

     The Adult Enrichment Center has developed a professional partnership and we work closely with outside agencies & services within our community to ensure our clients get the best possible care. Some of our networking professionals are as follows:

 Developmental Clinical Services 

 Developmental Services Ontario   

 Speech Therapists


Behavioural Therapists

Music Therapists

YMCA Health, Fitness, and Aquatics Center 

YMCA Employment Center

Sudbury Vocational and Resources Center

Hearing Aid Society

Cambrian College

College Boreal 

Sudbury Community Services Center