Adult Enrichment Center - North Bay


Nicole Morin

Executive Director


219 Main Street East, North Bay

The Adult Enrichment Center day program is designed to promote developmental skills, life skills, employment skills, behavioural management skills, and independent skills, as well as to meet the variety of interests and passions of all individuals in the program. The Adult Enrichment Center is a caring, fun, stimulating, and safe environment. All programs are individualized to ensure the greatest success. We service all levels of needs including Basic care, Specialized one-on-one, One-on-one, and Complex Care. If you, or someone you know, have a developmental disability or physical disability and would like to participate in a community-based day program; would like to continue developing skills in a day program that accounts for client's needs, abilities and most of all their interests; would like to develop employment skills; or simply would like a place to come and socialize the Adult Enrichment Center is the place for you!!