Adult Enrichment Center Inc.

"The Adult Enrichment Center believes that each individual has their own strengths, dreams, 
gifts and desires, and strives to be who they want to be!" 

Adult Enrichment Center - YMCA Location 

Our YMCA location, located at 140 Durham street within the YMCA, is a community based life skills program. The program offers physical fitness activities, encourages healthy lifestyle choices, promotes volunteering, and employment opportunities. These activities build and enhance client skills as our long term goal with most clients is to obtain employment! Clients are able to utilize the YMCA facilities daily and get to enjoy many of the organized activities. Adult Enrichment Center partnered with YMCA in 2017! With our partnership, clients are able to enhance their lifeskills in a safe, fun, and inclusive environment. 

Some services offered at our YMCA location include:

- Employment readiness training 

- Volunteering

- Physical Activity 

- Physiotherapy

- Community Participation/ Inclusion

- Socialization  

- Behavioural Interventions

- Speech programming 

- Enhancement of life skills

- Music Therapy


For those who need to contact the YMCA Center please see the following extensions:

YMCA main number is 705-673-9136

Ext. 2149


We have an answering machine in the main Center so in the event you are unable to reach anyone, as we are doing activities throughout the day, please leave a message and a staff will return your phone call as soon as possible. 

You can always call the Main Center at 705-470-7474 if your phone call is urgent or you need to speak to someone right away.